3M Scotchgard

3M, headquartered in Minnesota, USA is a global company known for its innovative and efficient and high quality products. Established in India in 1987, 3M operates in over 70 countries. With a total of patents of 3,342 globally, 3M is a widely known and used brand all across the world. 3M’s Scotchgard is one such product that proves how innovative and efficient the company’s products are!

3M Scotchgard Products

3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector
3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector

3M Scotchgard Protectors include fabric protectors and cleaners, carpet cleaners and protectors, silver polish and spot remover. Available in spray bottles that are easy to use, these chemicals are made with extreme precision to ensure performance and customer satisfaction. 3M fabric protector is one of the most widely used chemicals in establishments like hotels, hospitals, theatres and offices as it protects the fabric from spills, stains and dust. The cleaning chemicals for carpet and fabrics are equally effective which gives the fabric and carpet a new look!

We, at Delta Solutions understand the need and importance of cleaning in a commercial/industrial establishment and thus strive to offer our customers with the best cleaning solution possible. Be it for a factory, hotel or a hospital, our team provides a solution only after understanding your requirement as we believe in “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.