Cleaning Machines

  • Karcher 1 Industrial Vacuum - Stationary

    Karcher Industrial Vacuum – Stationary

    Space-saving and versatile industrial vacuum with durable side channel blower and cartridge filter.

  • Karcher 2 Industrial Vacuum - Portable

    Karcher Industrial Vacuum – Portable

    • Convenient storage area for accessories on the machine‘s
    • Manual filter vibration for low operating costs.
    • Resilient and versatile.
    • Mechanical filter vibration.
  • Karcher 4 Ice Blaster

    Karcher Ice Blaster

    The KÄRCHER ice blaster Classic features impressive cleaning power. It’s air flow
    has been optimised so that even low air pressures bring about excellent cleaning results.
    Like all KÄRCHER ice blasters, the Classic is impressively reliable. Dry ice blasting
    with the KÄRCHER Classic means working without unwanted interruptions. A new
    feature is integrated tank emptying that is activated by the touch of a button. It’s compact
    build makes it possible to manoeuvre it easily even in narrow spaces.

  • Karcher 5 Parts cleaner

    Karcher Parts Cleaner

    The Bio manual parts cleaner is a washstand for parts cleaning. Oils and grease are
    removed using an aqueous cleaning agent and then decomposed by microbes.

  • Karcher Handheld Scrubber

    Karcher Handheld Scrubber

    Compact, line-operated single disc machine for scrubbing, shampooing, polishing and crystallizing for
    various surfaces of small cleaning areas, e.g. stairs and window-sills.
    Standard accessories:
    • Adjustable brush speed
    • Wheels
    • Mains operation
    • Tank, optional 3.5 l
    • Tank, optional (2) 5 l

  • Single Disk

    Karcher Single Disk

    Very convenient and powerful single disc machine with planetary gear drive for virtually all cleaning tasks.
    Standard accessories:
    Mains operation
    Tank 10 l
    Red scrubbing brush

    Very reliable and robust
    Ergonomic handle
    Easy storage and transport
    Planetary gearbox, less abrasion, and service

  • Karcher Single Disk - Advance

    Karcher Single Disk – Advance

    Very convenient and powerful single disc machine with planet carrier for virtually all cleaning
    tasks in contract cleaning.

    Storage possibilities for accessories
     Brush, second brush or accessories can be kept on the hook.
     Secure storage, even during transport.
    Wide, ergonomic handle
     Low-fatigue operation.
     Two robust oval aluminum bars for good balance

  • Karcher Steam Cleaner

    Karcher Steam Cleaner

    The compact steam cleaner with powerful 4-bar steam pressure. With continuously variable steam volume control and VapoHydro function for perfect cleaning results without the use of chemicals.

  • Karcher Steam Vacuum

    Karcher Steam Vacuum

    Innovative steam-generating vacuum for easy deep cleaning of hygiene-critical environments.

    Extremely user-friendly thanks to EASY-Operation
     One control for all functions. Easy to learn and use

    Handle with trigger for convenient function control
     Controls for the most important functions such as water/steam regulation and on/off switch for the vacuum function.
     Time-saving, flexible, simple and direct control of the functions during operation.

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    Karcher Floor Cleaning Chemical

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    Karcher Foaming Chemical

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    Karcher Floor Crystalliser