Cold water high pressure

  • Karcher Cold Water High Pressure - Portable Class

    Karcher Cold Water High Pressure – Portable Class

    Equipment details: Carrying handle, brass cylinder head, and automatic pressure relief. For vertical and horizontal operation.
    First-class mobility
     The integrated carrying handle on the front of the machine enables easy
    loading and convenient transport.
     Compact design and low weight.
     Vertical and horizontal operation possible.
     Separate parking and transport position for the spray unit.
     The automatic pressure relief protects the components and extends
    the service life.
     High-quality brass cylinder head.
    Accessory storage
     Screw connections (M 18 × 1.5) for storing surface cleaner directly on
    the machine.
     Practical nozzle compartments for the triple nozzle and rotary nozzle.

  • Karcher Cold Water High Pressure - Compact Class

    Karcher Cold Water High Pressure – Compact Class

    Cold-water pressure washer for daily commercial use. With its compact dimensions, robust
    construction and greatest possible maneuverability, this unit is a credit to the compact
    Easy press trigger gun
     Ergonomic design for ease of use.
     Easy press trigger for fatigue less use.
    Variable pressure/water flow control
     Adjustable at the unit.
     For gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces.
    Telescopic push handle
     Large aluminum profiles provide stability and good maneuverability.
     Holds accessories in the extended position.
    Outstanding mobility
     For rapid cleaning at different locations.
     Space-saving storage in service vehicles.

  • Karcher Cold Water High Pressure - Middle Class

    Karcher Cold Water High Pressure – Middle Class

    The most powerful high-pressure cleaner of the HD Classic Range: Classic with 900 l/h water flow, three-phase drive and crankshaft pump with the ceramic piston. For long service intervals.
    Durable and robust
     Extra large crankshafts and connecting rods with robust ball bearings.
     Ceramic pistons for reduced wear and tear.
    Especially easy to maintain
     Wide-opening machine cover for easy access to all service and
    maintenance-relevant components.
     Large water fine filter for optimal protection of the pump.
    Improved cleaning performance
     Patented Kärcher power flat jet nozzles: up to 40 percent more
    impact force than conventional nozzles.
     High area coverage and thorough dirt removal.
    First-class mobility
     Large wheels and ergonomic push handle ensure optimal turning
    maneuverability and easy handling.
     The foldable push handle enables space-saving storage.

  • Karcher Cold Water High Pressure - Super Class

    Karcher Cold Water High Pressure – Super Class

    Upright cold water high-pressure cleaner. Servopress for adjustment of pressure and water flow rate directly on the trigger gun, pressure switch control, Easy-Press trigger gun with a soft grip surface, pivoting stainless steel spray lance, detergent tank, separate compartment for nozzles.
    Proven Karcher quality
     4-pole water-cooled electric motor.
     Robust brass cylinder head and ceramic piston.
    Hose storage
     With bearings on both sides, for 20 m pressure hose.
     Hose guide passes under the machine for high resistance to tipping.

  • Karcher Cold Water High Pressure - Fuel operated

    Karcher Cold Water High Pressure – Fuel Operated

    With combustion engine, intelligent accessories concept and robust crankshaft pump. Ideal for construction and agriculture. Water volume: 600 L/h.

    High level of autonomy
     Can be used independently of a power supply thanks to powerful
    petrol engines.
     Using optional accessories, the machines can draw in water, for
    example from ponds and lakes.
    Accessories concept
     Practical intake for hose and high-pressure lance directly on the
     Storage compartment for nozzles, tools and other small parts.