Scrub Pad and Microfiber Cloth

  • Karcher 3M Floor Pad - BlacBlue Red White

    3M Floor Pad Black/Blue/Red/White

  • Karcher 3M Diamond Pad

    3M Diamond Pad

  • Karcher 3M Microfiber Cloth

    3M Microfiber Cloth

  • Karcher 3M Scotchbrite Scrub pad - green

    3M Scotchbrite Scrub Pad

  • Karcher 3M Scotchbrite Heavy Duty Pad - Brown

    3M Scotchbrite Heavy Duty Pad

  • Karcher 3M Scotchbrite Power Pad - Purple

    3M Scotchbrite Power Pad

  • 3M Scotchbrite Light Duty Pad

  • Karcher 3M Scotchbrite Sponge Wipe

    3M Scotchbrite Sponge Wipe

  • 9 Vileda QuickStar Micro

    Vileda Quickstar Micro

    Quick and easy microfibre cleaning – damp and dry.

    • Ideal cloth for pre-preparation of cloths in boxes/buckets
    • Quick and easy handling due to low friction
    • Very low-linting fabric due to patented endless fibre technology
    • High chemical restistance against chlorine, bleach, disinfectants, peroxides, etc.
    • Non-woven structure, easy to rinse clean, hairs and dirt do not cling to the surface
  • 10 Vileda PVAmicro

    Vileda PVAmicro

    PVAmicro is a unique, innovative all-purpose cloth made from microfibre fabric impregnated with PVA.

    • Microfibres ensures perfect cleaning performance on almost
      all surfaces
    • Good water absorbency for streak-free wiping without after-drying
    • Holds 40 times less particle residue after rinsing, compared to
      ordinary knitted microfibre cloth. Non-woven microfibre cloth
  • 11 Vileda NanoTech micro

    Vileda NanoTech Micro

    Antibacterial cleaning cloth based on Microfibre Evolon technology.

    • Designed with a combination of endless microfibre and nano silver particles
    • 99.9 % bacteria or germs removal when wiping surfaces (Certified by BMA)
    • No growth of bacteria or germs on cloths
    • Antibacterial effect does not fade away when cloths are being washed
  • 12 Vileda MIcronQuick

    Vileda MicronQuick

    Revolutionary new technology of microfibre production leading to finest split microfibre.

    • Superior cleaning performance
    • 99.99 % bacteria or germs removal (Certified by BMA)
    • Streak-free and lint free cleaning
    • Improved wear resistance
      Ideal for the pre-prepared cleaning method