Floor Protection

Floor protection acts as an immensely important measure in establishments like hospitals, hotels, corporate offices and shopping malls. Dust is abrasive in nature and tends to reduce the floor finish, making it look dull and dirty. According to 3M, 42% of the floor’s finish can be removed after only 1500 people have walked in, without adequate matting. Thus, to keep the floor’s finish intact for a longer duration, a combination of mats that successfully absorb all the dust must be used.

Floor Protection Products

Anti-Skid Tape

3M’s Entryway System is the best combination of mats that absorb dust particles of different sizes. The mat combination includes three types of mats; Z-web, Terra Loop and Carpet mat. Z-web mat has a Z vinyl construction that scrapes off sticky dirt and debris. Second in line is the Terra Loop that has a vinyl looped construction which absorbs the dirt and moisture, keeping the shoes dry and clean. Next is the Carpet Mat, which is an indoor mat, absorbs the remaining minute particles of dust and moisture, cleaning the shoe surface entirely. 3M floor mats products are manufactured with precision to ensure absorption of dust to the maximum extent. We also provide best-in-class customised mats, which our customers can get made to order, aluminium mats and rubber hole mats.

We, at Delta Solutions understand the need and importance of cleaning in a commercial/industrial establishment and thus strive to offer our customers with the best cleaning solution possible. Be it for a factory, hotel or a hospital, our team provides a solution only after understanding your requirement as we believe in “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.