Cleaning Machine

Karcher, Germany is a world leader in commercial/industrial mechanised cleaning systems. Top performance, innovation and quality makes Karcher machines stand out against competition. The company believes in combining functionality and user-friendliness in all their machines along with sophistication. With over 1300 patents and more than 3000 products, Karcher machines cater to any and every cleaning challenge possible in a commercial/industrial environment.

Karcher Cleaning Machines Products

Karcher Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Karcher Carpet Cleaner
Karcher High Pressure Washer Cold Water
Karcher High Pressure Washer Hot Water
Karcher Single Disc
Karcher Scruber Drier
Karcher Sweeper
Karcher Steam Cleaner
Karcher Industrial Cleaner Supplier
Karcher Acessories

With a wide range of cleaning systems, Karcher provides a solution for all kinds of need. Karcher dry vacuum cleaner modernizes the usual vacuum cleaners to make cleaning easier and less time consuming. Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner vacuums large quantities of wet and coarse dirt with outstanding suction, quality and precision. The machines are compact and easy to handle; helps in saving a lot of man power and time. Karcher high pressure washer, as the name says cleans at high pressure with easy adjustment of water & pressure. Using either the hot water or the cold water Karcher high pressure washer gives the best results in cleaning the most rigid dirt as well. Karcher Industrial floor scrubbing machines, also known as the Karcher scrubber dryers are extremely easy to handle and manoeuvre. Karcher scrubber dryer comes in a variety of sizes like compact, walk behind and ride on. The machines are easy to operate and clean at highest efficiency.

We, at Delta Solutions understand the need and importance of cleaning in a commercial/industrial establishment and thus strive to offer our customers with the best cleaning solution possible. Be it for a factory, hotel or a hospital, our team provides a solution only after understanding your requirement as we believe in “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.