CombiSpeed Pro Mop – 40/50 cm
CombiSpeed Pro Mop – 4050 cm

CombiSpeed Pro Mop – 40/50 cm

Versatile mop frame available in two sizes (40 cm and 50 cm) that can be used with all pocket and strip mop systems

Innovative patent pending strip clamps allows easy fixation of strip mops

Durable, lightweight, low profi le design reduces stresses on operators shoulders and backs

Cleaning under tables, radiators etc. simple and ergonomically correct

CombiSpeed Pro MicroSpeed Plus

Premium performance mop for use on sealed and smooth floors

Dense microfibre construction, removes the highest levels of dirt

Diagonal cleaning zones loosen stubborn, ingrained dirt

Microfibre fringes collect loose dirt particles including hairs, dust and sand

Low weight and highly absorbent (4.5 x its weight)

High durability, machine washable over 500 time

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