Karcher Hot Water High Pressure – Super Class
2 Hot Water High Pressure – Super Class

Karcher Hot Water High Pressure – Super Class

The hot water high-pressure cleaners of the new middle- and super-class convince with their 6 main features.

1. Environmental protection Greater efficiency with the new ECO mode.

2. User-friendly, LED display, low-friction hose reel

3. Highly efficient cleaning performance

4. Mobility, large rubber-tyred wheels, ergonomic handles

5. Corrosion-proof, flexural stiff, robust chassis

6. Exhaust gas thermostat, Integrated fuel, and cleaning

  • Technical Data
Current type 3/400/50 Ph/V/Hz
Flow rate 500-1000 l/h
Pressure 30-200/3-20 bar/MPa
Max. temperature (12°C inlet temperature) 155-80 °C
Heating oil consumption, full load 6,4 kg/h
Connected load 7,8 kW
Fuel tank 25 l
Outside temperature -
Fuel tank

Detergent tank
Heating capacity


20-10 l


Power cable
Weight 171 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)

171 kg

1330 x 750 x 1060 mm