Waste Management

Waste Management is yet another important measure to be taken by all establishments like hotels, hospitals, industries, schools and offices. Using the right kind of dustbin for different needs help in proper waste segregation and its management. We provide waste management products like stainless steel dustbins and plastic dustbins of different types to suite different needs, along with garbage bags of varied sizes.


Waste Management Products

Industrial Plastic Dustbin
Stainless Steel Dustbin
Garbage Bags

Industrial plastic dustbins act as the best way to dispose different types of waste and ensure cleanliness. For hospitals, waste management is a measure that is never compromised on. We offer colour coded dustbins to differentiate waste like blood contaminated waste, broken glass, dry waste and wet waste. Being a stainless steel dustbin supplier, we have a diverse range of SS dustbins like Pedal Dustin, Ash Can Dustbin, Perforated Dustbin and many more to suit your need. Our clientele can procure different dustbins for their varied needs from Delta Solutions.

We, at Delta Solutions understand the need and importance of cleaning in a commercial/industrial establishment and thus strive to offer our customers with the best cleaning solution possible. Be it for a factory, hotel or a hospital, our team provides a solution only after understanding your requirement as we believe in “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.