What is a workplace without proper cleanliness and hygiene standards?
We all know the answer to that, don’t we?

We, at Delta Solutions, always believe in maintaining cleanliness for everything; be it your room, your office or even your mind.Never settling for the basics, we challenge the status quo of hygiene levels at workplaces in order to elevate the cleaning and hygiene standards for our clients.

We do this by offering our clients a range of cost-effective cleanliness and hygiene essentials that will not only “redefine the hygiene standards” but will also lead to safer workplaces, more efficient production processes and improved product quality.

By bringing to you, a range of products from all over the globe, we provide a holistic and consultative approach to identifying the cleaning problem and hence, solving it.

Brainchild of Mr. Arun Kumar Bhotika, Delta Solutions is a family owned company with the aim to redefine the hygiene standards at workplaces.Our motto? Just keep it clean!

Tell us you need, we will have a solution for you!